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What you will learn

Projects included

The final project is a 10-step project where you build the following web-app:

Below you can find videos of the some of the projects found in this course that you can click on to preview.

Your first Online Store

Build your first online store which you will keep on developing step by step until you have a proper Online Supermarket with Stripe integration.

Online Store Admin

Build the admin of the Online Store. A basic version that we will be developing along the way.

Store Locator

Build a store locator using Mapbox where the user can choose a store and see its location on the map.

Online store fetch products

Improve the online store by fetching the list of products from the API.

Product detail pages with React Router

Improve the online store by making a page for every product that fetches the details from an API.

Final project

The final result. SuperM app with Stripe integration.

What people are saying

I've subscribed to a few other React courses online. But nothing compares to this one. Able to easily understand. The course is detailed yet crisp, well structured, and nicely organized. Initial explanations of a concept, followed by Exercises & Projects along with a recap of the chapter is the right mix. React was considered a complex subject by many, but not anymore. - Arun

Jad's React course builds off of the already solid Learn Javascript platform to create a straight forward way to learn React. Concepts are carefully explained and put into practice in a self-contained learning environment. And on top of all of that, there are mobile flashcards to reinforce lessons, an active community for support, and many more bits and pieces that make it special. It's a great experience from beginning to end and I hope it continues forward on other topics. - consolecmnd

Jad’s a fantastic teacher. This React course is another perfect example of that. Bite-sized learning which is concise and in-depth where it matters. The content is wonderfully written, with awesome examples, analogies, and challenges. The course personifies his great understanding of how people learn. If you’re looking to get started with react, look no further! Arjun

What’s great about this React course is the smooth UI and tests that back up your written code. It’s seemingly easy to switch between different files but also through all the well explained exercises and lectures. From the console to the editor, this is probably the first course (at least to my knowledge) that doesn’t require anything but a browser and a.. well computer. It’s superb! - @Bob

What are we working on?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get stuck?

The solution will automatically unlock 5 minutes after your first attempt. You can also ask on the community chat or the course creator on the support chat where you will get additional hints.

What can I build after finishing this course?

After completing the course (keep in mind that chapters are being added to it), you will be able to build an entire React app from scratch (using create-react-app) as well as work on medium to large-sized React apps as part of a team.

What is the private community chat?

It's a Spectrum chat web app that's similar to Slack but keeps chat history log so you can always come back to it. You can also subscribe to specific channels for specific chapters and even get product updates and give feedback. You will receive a link to join the community as soon as you upgrade.

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes, you can! You can pay in your own currency so that you don't incur a cost for currency exchange. Contact support if your currency is not available in the dropdown above.

Is it really a one-time payment only?

Yes, it is! We believe that you should not have to pay monthly except for Gas, Water & Electricity (and maybe Netflix). This encourages you to take your time while working on the course, rather than rushing it.

How do you process my payment?

We use Stripe or Paypal to process your payments and your credit card information never touches our servers.

What are the Projects?

Projects are challenges that are longer and have a bit less guidance. These projects allow you to practice most of the concepts you learned so far and apply them in different contexts. For example the 3rd project is a basic version of the online store. The 4th project is the online store admin.

Will I be able to jump to any chapter once I upgrade?

Not before you solve the previous chapters. The chapters are sequential because the topics build on top of each other. Even when you upgrade, you will have to go through them one by one. However, you can contact support if you'd like to jump to a specific chapter, then we can unlock it for you.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, you get a signed certificate of completion once you finish the entire course.

I am a company registered in the EU. Can we use reverse VAT charge?

Yes, you can! Please note that this has to be done before you pay for the course. Contact support with your compaby info and your valid VAT number and then we'll send you a payment request excluding the VAT which includes your company's name & and VAT number. Please note that this is not available if your company is registered in the Netherlands.

Can I use the account for more than one person?

No, every paid account is meant to be used by one and only person.

Can I get an invoice?

You will automatically receive a receipt from Stripe. Please contact us on the chat or by email with your company details and we'll send you an official invoice containing all the necessary details.

Can I gift the course?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact support for more information.

Can I get a group discount?

Group discounts are available for groups of 5, 10, 15, 20 and above. Contact us on the chat for more information.

I am a university instructor. Is this course suitable for my students?

Absolutely! The course is already being used in conjunction with university material at some universities. Contact us on the chat with the approximate number of students.

How is VAT calculated?

VAT is finalized after you complete the payment because only then we will be able to know whether VAT should be collected or not. In both cases, the price will not change as the VAT is extracted from the amount you pay. You will be able to see whether VAT has been charged or not in your receipt, and then request an invoice.